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I am seeking election to put students first and prioritize equity, including support for

SOGI 123 and anti-racism initiatives. As a pre-service teacher with five years experience as an Educational Assistant (EA) and seventeen years experience as a parent volunteer and PAC director, I am ready to serve in the role of trustee.

Despite the best efforts of educators, EAs and support staff, years of cuts are harming education and failing students. I will work to mobilize financial support from the Ministry of Education to protect music programs, green space, and staffing and to provide seismically safe schools equipped with shop, playground, and sports infrastructure.


The public deserves due process. Three years of research and Freedom of Information requests have given me access to undisclosed documents and records. As a public education advocate, I value public process and plan to make access to information a priority in SD61.

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Full Funding

Secure funding for the students of SD61 by building on the existing momentum of parent groups, stakeholders and rights holders who are defending music programs and staff/support resources. The BC Government recently declared surplus revenue.  The time to invest is now.

Democracy in Action

Honour democratic process by following School Board policy and regulation and sharing public information. Engage public participation and expertise in decision-making processes.

Inclusive Education

Promote access to education for students with disabilities, neurodiverse learners, English language learners, and socioeconomically disadvantaged students. Support SOGI 123 and Anti-Racism initiatives in schools. Celebrate student diversity with attention to intersectionality.

Green Schools & Green Spaces

Commit to zero-emissions infrastructure. Strengthen the relationship between public school green space and municipal parks and recreation systems. 

Reconciliation & Language Revitalization

Consult with the Esquimalt and Songhees Nations to support the revitalization of the Lək̓ʷəŋən language as part of an ongoing commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's 94 Calls to Action. Consult regularly with the Four Houses.

School Board Culture

Collaborate with trustees, stakeholders and rights holders to revise the current function and culture of the School District 61 Board of Education.

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