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I envision an inclusive, collaborative, and equitable school district in which students engage with resources that inspire excellence, self-discovery, and personal resilience in celebration of diversity and potential.

- Esther Callo (she/her)

VYPC art.jpg

Illustration by Soli Callo, 2012.

Ideally, schools are a hub of belonging. However, when programs are cut and public education is marginalized, we put children at risk. The school board's regressive budget cuts have exposed negative biases towards certain schools, programs, and groups of students. This administrative partiality destabilizes equity measures leaving parents, caregivers, educators, and support staff frustrated and dismayed.

Such developments undermine BC's new curriculum, which was developed with the recognition that “[i]n all of this work, we need to attend to the needs of the full range of students in BC schools, not just capable students whose social, economic, or geographic contexts enable access to valuable learning opportunities outside of school.”

The BC Government has ignored the crisis in public education for too long. A recent announcement of surplus revenue indicates that funding is available to support the spirit of the new curriculum, which considers the whole child.


We need the political will to invest in education on behalf of all students. This goal will require collaboration with stakeholders, rights holders, advocacy groups, and members of our community to hold the Ministry of Education accountable for their neglect of public education.

Public education is the great equalizer. Our future depends on its resilience and adaptability. Let's work together to make it a priority.

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